Discipline & ADHD

Do you struggle with discipline for your ADHDer? Do you feel your ADHDer gets away with too much? Do you struggle to discipline and worry about making your child feel bad? Then this online course is for you.

Join Laura The ADHD Mama for a course on how to help with discipline and motivation. Learn how the ADHD brain works and how you can help your ADHDer.

In this course you'll learn about:

  • Learn about motivation and how that impacts discipline
  • Why traditional techniques do not work with the ADHD brain.
  • What is happening inside the brain of an ADHDer
  • Learn a four-step method to dealing with these scenarios

"I would definitely recommend this course. My son and I always seem to be butting heads. I recognized my own parenting style in the examples provided and Laura’s explanation of how the ADHD brain works made it clear why my methods aren’t working. I’m feeling optimistic about the morning routine for tomorrow." - Melissa

"This course was highly informative and gave strategies that are easy to implement. Talking with Laura is like talking to a best friend. She is personable and all inclusive. My favorite line is hers is “No judgement here” as she never makes you feel bad for the areas you are struggling but gives easy to follow strategies to help you be the best parent you can be. You can tell she cares deeply about the topic and also about helping other parents work with their adhd kids. I would highly recommend any class or one on one counseling with her!" - Melanie

"This course was excellent! I always learn something new and it has opened my eyes to changing more about our parenting then just trying to change your child. The content was clear it was informative and I'm ready to learn more!" - Natasha